Johnson and Son Bikeworks will begin offering classes in bicycle repair and safe riding techniques this 2016 season.  Generally classes will be held Saturday mornings 8:45-9:45.

For a look at upcoming classes that we are running check the “Events” tab under the “Community” heading.

The following is a listing of one hour repair topics:

     –  Fixing a flat/changing a tire

     –  Brake adjustment/maintenance

     –  Shifter/derailleur adjustment/maintenance

     –  Basic fitting for comfort and performance

     –  Drivetrain assessment/maintenance

     –  Wheels  bearings/truing

     –  Headsets and bottom brackets

The following is a listing of safe riding technique classes:

For these rides you will need to bring your bike(or rent one of ours) and wear a helmet.  A water bottle is suggested.

     –  Street cycling basics;  ABC quick check, starting, stopping, cadence, scanning, signaling, lane changing and lane positioning.

–  Practice on the road session for riders who have taken Street Cycling Basics

–  Ride to school basics (a child oriented version of Street Cycling Basics)

I will teach other topics that people are interested in learning.  If you are interested in taking a class please call me (Tim) at 518 282 9089 or email me at  If Saturday mornings are not a good time, I’m open to doing an evening class as well.  When I get at least three students signed up for a date/time/topic I’ll notify the students and run the class.  The fee for the classes is $5 per person for repair/maintenance classes and no charge for the safe riding techniques classes.