Community Programs

Community Shop Space

You can come to the shop and use the shop stands, tools and shop manuals at no charge.  If you would like help from us, we will help as time allows but will charge for our time at the shop rate which is currently $40/hr.  It is not necessary to call ahead, but recommended if you want to be sure space is available.

Ride to School

If you ride your bike to school, you can come into the shop and sign up for the Ride to School Club.  Club benefits  include:

–  Free service on your bike September-June.

–  Free use of our Bike to School “loaner” bicycles during the school year if you do not have a bike  and can’t afford one *

–  5% discount on purchasing any new bike

–  Helmets and locks may be purchased “at cost”

–  Fees waived for attending any of our repair or safe riding classes (Check out the Classes tab)

In order to be an active member of the club, we expect that students will do the following:

–  Use their bikes as their primary means of getting to school when the temperature is above 40 degrees, the roads/sidewalks are clear of snow/ice and its not raining or snowing.

*Students using loaner bikes will need to agree to a contract that basically says they are responsible for treating the bike well and will need to pay $50 if the bicycle is lost or stolen.



Ride to Work

People who commute to work by bike or otherwise use their bicycle as their primary means of transportation for shopping and errands can join our “Everyday Bicycle Club.”  To join you will need to sign up at the shop.  Club benefits include:

–   5% discount on the purchase of a new or used bike.

–   10% discount on labor charges

–  10% discount on parts and accessories

–   All fees waived for participation in repair and safe riding classes we offer. (Check out our Classes tab)

–  A healthier planet

Syrian Refugee Bicycles

In the next 12 months 100 Syrian refugees are expected to arrive in Rutland, Vermont.  Johnson and Son Bikeworks is working with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program to provide free bicycles for these families.  We will prioritize the giving of these bicycles to refugees who plan to use them for everyday transportation.

At this time, Johnson and Son Bikeworks is receiving no outside funding source in this effort.  We should be able to provide a good number of bikes without outside help.  However, if anyone is interested in donating bicycles, labor to get bikes ready, money for helmets, locks and general support of the effort or bicycles, please call Tim at 518 282 9089.