New Bikes

Johnson and Son Bikeworks has been selling Jamis bicycles for five years.  We chose Jamis as a partner after comparing with other bike manufacturers.  We chose Jamis because of the quality of their products and the prices they sell them for.

Jamis is still its own company, meaning they are not a part of a parent company that has bundled many brands together.  Over time quality bike manufacturers will be bought out and the new companies sometimes choose to cut corners while relying on the good reputation of the brand to make sales.  Schwinn is an example of this.  Schwinn made great bikes for years.  Now their bikes are available at Walmart and online.  I’m not saying the Schwinn bikes you buy through these vendors are junk.  I am saying that the Schwinn bike you buy this way is not  the same quality as the one that was bought years ago through a bike shop.  Corners are frequently cut with off brand components.

Other name brand bikes are out there as well, Trek, Specialized, Kona, KHS, Raliegh and more.  Is Jamis better than these brands?  Are these brands better than Jamis?  I have found that when  I research and compare frame materials, component choices and price among the name brand bikes, I am happy to stand behind the Jamis Bicycles I sell because they are a good value.  The feedback I get from customers who have bought Jamis bikes at my shop confirms this.  I encourage people to do their own research and compare.

For 2016 I am stocking all seven sizes of the Jamis Citizen 1 bicycle.  This is a comfort hybrid good for pavement, dirt roads and rail trail.  This bike has 21 speeds including low gears for steep hills.  Very comfortable.  At 34 pounds this bike is on the heavier side.  Also the accommodations it makes for comfort may make it as not as good a choice for someone doing longer commutes and rides.  We sell these bikes for $345 – $365.*

We have a number of Jamis Coda Sport bikes in stock.  This flat bar hybrid will lean you further forward than the upright citizen 1.  This body position combined with the lighter (27 pound) bike makes the bike more appropriate for longer rides and commutes.  The steel frame absorbs the most road vibration when compared to aluminum and carbon fiber.  This bike will happily take fenders and a rack and even has fork mounts for touring bags.  We sell these bikes for $490-$500.*

We have a number of Jamis Durango sport 29ners.  These aluminum framed bicycles are designed for trail use.  The large wheels ride easily over obstacles, the front shock absorbers smooth the ride and improve handling on rougher terrain.  Customers have bought these bikes for recreational riding on dirt roads, class four roads and single track.  We sell these bikes for $450-$510.*

A new bike that we are building stock in is the Allegro.  The Allegro series is designed as a recreational exercise bike.  In 2016 Jamis added the Allegro.  At $365 and 30 pounds it is the more performance oriented cousin of the Citizen 1.  This is an inexpensive good quality basic hybrid bike.

We also have a number of other Jamis models at the shop and can order a bike for you and usually have it delivered the next day.

*  Why the price range?  As much as possible we buy new bikes that are a year or more older.  This saves us money and we share the savings with you.  So buying the year old Citizen saves you $20 the year old Durango saves you $50.