The first thing is EVERY SERVICE WE PROVIDE OR PRODUCT WE SELL IS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK.  This includes new and used bicycle sales, rentals, repair work, parts/ accessories and trailers.

If you purchase a new bicycle with us you get free service for one year plus a free tune up at the end of that one year period.

I believe the best service we provide is the ability to help people end up on a bike that fits them physically, is suited to the type of riding they do and is one they can afford.  We will take the time to watch customers as they ride their own bike or one they may be purchasing.  Then we ask questions and make adjustments to “dial in” the bike for each rider.  This service is free.

At our shop you will be treated fairly and with courtesy. You will be given an estimate of the cost of repairing something and will be called and consulted with if the estimate will be off more than 15% or so. All work will be completed when promised.

Our service philosophy is to treat customers in the way we would want to be treated at another shop or store. We would like to be in business for the long haul so we believe it is important to do things in a way that make people want to come back.

A complete tune-up is $45.
The shop labor rate is $40/hour.

I use a stop watch to track billable repair time which keeps labor charges accurate.