We Buy Bikes

Our shop takes in bicycles of any condition. Incoming bikes are tagged to be stripped of all reusable parts or tagged to be rebuilt. We have a system of bins and shelves used to organize this flow of used inventory. Having access to used inventory allows for us to restore a “department store bicycle”, sell it for a around $60 (warranteed) and still stay in business. We also buy vintage and name brand bicycles. So, we want your old bikes!

We will take any bicycle, regardless of condition as a donation. Bring it to us instead of the dump if you can.
We will take your old bike as a trade in towards a new or used one at the shop.
We will buy your old bike. We do not buy every bike that people want to sell us but most of our used bikes were purchased from people in the community.

How much do we pay? Think lawn sale towards the end of the day.

Department Store Bikes


Name Brand Bikes


I have paid up to $100 for a few bikes. All subject to their condition and the economic status of the shop. If you have a functioning bicycle and want to get the most money out of it you can, you’re better off selling it directly through craigslist or an ad in the paper. If you’d like to move it out of your life because it doesn’t fit or is taking up space give me a call.You don’t need to call ahead to bring a bike over to sell, but if you do call first I will try and give you a rough idea of what I’d pay for it.

Because we’d like to avoid buying stolen bikes, there are a few procedures we may insist on before buying a used bike:
1.) Seeing some form of picture ID

2.) Taking a photo of you and the bike you are selling

3.) Paying by check